The only culture that I recognize is the one of the ideas that become action.
The ancients did not waste words, because they would have been ashamed not to reach them with the actions. Before you think of outward actions often dictated only by momentary enthusiasms, you should think about the training itself, the action of itself, in the belief that there cannot be any political struggle without rectification of the individual militant on the existential level – as in study, work and family- and spiritual correction of the negative selfishness, individualism and materialism, both in the contribution of labor to support in the activity of the association. These factors can not be split.
Lealtà-Azione therefore has not a program or manifesto, the rock on which it rests is the regeneration of Man as a challenge to the decadence of the modern world. It also wants to be a school of militancy and Tradition, because we believe some features should define mankind before any others. We see men and women in relation to their sense for the sacred, loyalty, honor, justice, hierarchy, loyalty, sacrifice, and before that to honesty, humility and sense of responsibility.
Militancy school because we believe, according to the Latin aphorism, that “life is a battle on the Earth” to deal with heroic spirit and warrior, because to live is to spend ourselves fighting that world we don’t like and which we’re in charge of change it.
In an age like ours where everything pushes toward a middle-class life, everything flattened on a monotonous existence where vices dominate, making man little more than an animal, where greed, fear, cowardice, laziness reign in relationships, is only the warrior spirit combined with the genuine sense of the struggle of those who face life with enthusiasm and awareness with a spirit of sacrifice and the ability to give of themselves to be able to turn on the light while keeping alive the seed through heroic action aimed at purifying and reaffirmation of the virtues.
It is no coincidence that in many traditions the fight against the dark side of themselves has often been presented as “the Great Holy War”, the most difficult to combat. This war is the most important because it is only through the victory over it that man is able to prevail and win the daily challenges that life places in order to be an example in every area of ​​his life.

… We will emerge out of this decay only through an immense moral rectification, teaching men to love, to sacrifice, to live, to fight and die for a higher ideal. In a century in which we live only for ourselves, that will take hundreds, thousands of men no longer live for themselves but for a common ideal: willing from the beginning to support this for all the sacrifices, all the humiliations, all the heroics . Only faith, trust, the complete absence of selfishness and individualism, the tension of the whole being to the “service” – as unpleasant it may be, wherever they take place – matters: the service of a cause that goes beyond man, and that demands from him everything, not to promise anything. Only the qualities of the soul, its vibrations, the total gift, a willingness to take high above all an ideal matters, in the most absolute indifference. The time will come to save the world, and you will need the handful of heroes and saints who make the Reconquest …
Being a living example and bearer of traditional values ​​is part of the duties and priorities of Lealtà-Azione, is only transmitting  noble values in the form of direct actions, consistent with ideals and commitment of the association, that it will be possible to hold ourselves strong and steady in this world of ruins.For us there are no privileges except the one of fatigue and duty.… Walk only on the path of Honor; fight, never be cowardly, rather than win unfairly, better to fall fighting preserving intact the honor …Priority objectives of the association are:

  • to encourage through training the cultural, ideal, ethics and moral growth of all of its members;
  • to make a community at the same time political, spiritual and intellectual, in the belief that there can be no political battle without training and training without knowledge;
  • to build a bond among members of comradely friendship compliant with the principles of loyalty, responsibility and respect.

Although being an independent, nonpartisan and independent association,  Lealtà-Azione aims to promote and enhance in every way:

  • an increased knowledge of natural, eternal, sacred and incorruptible values of Tradition;
  • the rediscovery of authentic historical, social, linguistic, religious, moral and artistic roots, both national and European;
  • the study of the so-called “non-compliant” culture, in contrast to the “vulgata”, fashions and stereotypes imposed by the intellectual, social, ethnic and economic actual culture;
  • the protection of natural and traditional constraints based on the sacredness of life, the uniqueness of man, the value of family, the difference and interdependence of the two sexes;
  • the recognition of the social role of work and business, the inalienable principle of private property, the right of workers to participate in the profits of the company, fighting usury, greed and speculation whether practiced by individuals, companies or governments;
  • the defense of the secular and the deep bond between Man and Earth, anti-social behavior of materialism, consumerism and false needs, which leads to exploitation, pollution and destruction of natural resources.

To achieve these objectives, the association is open to voluntary contributions, ideal and actual, of all those who share its values!

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